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The Bradshaws

Vol 25 - In Their Own Owzyerfather CD Album

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Release Date: 20/11/2006

Discs: 1

HTCD25 A Billy thought: Our sir says that God lives inside us. Well, I ope he likes liver an' honions cos that's wot e's getting for tea. Yuk! - BH THE BRADSHAWS VOL 25 IN THEIR OWN OWZYERFATHER Here we are then. These 12 radio classics complete the three hundred story twenty-five CD collection. If you have all 25, treasure them cos things are changing with a new TV animation series already in the planning. As ever Buzz Hawkins has penned some great situations, such as JUMPING THRU HOOPS, KEEPING THE DRAUGHT OUT, NOT GETTING THE FEVER, and a warm-up for the festive season with NOT FAR NOW. It isn't over yet.. long live the Bradshaws!

Disc 1
1. Jumping Thru Hoops
2. Brewing Up & Teachers
3. Keeping The Draught Out
4. Trolleys & Alleys & POW’s
5. Not Getting The Fever
6. Something Missing
7. Handcarts & Happles
8. Coppers & Coke
9. Freddie & The Dentists
10. Dimp Picking
11. Not Far Now
12. All Over Nowt