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The Bradshaws

Vol 24 - In Their Own Daze CD Album

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Release Date: 20/11/2006

Discs: 1

HTCD24 If you can't hear anything it's just Billy being quiet " BH THE BRADSHAWS VOL 24 IN THEIR OWN DAZE These twelve timeless tales will take you back to the hazy days of playing conkers without safety goggles, using torn-up newspaper instead of toilet rolls, & marking out the footie pitch with sawdust - to name but a few of them. Then there's RUDE AWAKENING, SAWDUST & FOOTBALL, ON ANOTHER PLANET and GETTING THE POINT " oh yes, and let's all feel sorry for little Billy in SWOLLEN CLACKER and PROPER POOLY.

Disc 1
1. Rude Awakening
2. Conkers & Toast
3. Something To Look Forward To
4. Alf Splashes Out
5. Roughing It A Bit
6. Swollen Clacker
7. Proper Pooly
8. Sawdust & Football
9. Pre-match Entertainment
10. On Another Planet
11. Donkeystones & Fishing Nets
12. Getting The Point