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The Bradshaws

Vol 23 - In Their Own Knitted Trunks CD Album

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Release Date: 20/11/2006

Discs: 1

HTCD23 When there's nowt left to be said, Billy will still be saying it " BH THE BRADSHAWS VOL 23 IN THEIR OWN KNITTED TRUNKS You'll be listening to this batch of tales over and over again with titles such as BALLOONS & NEWTS (remember when we had nothing more important to do than catch tadpoles or make a balloon do farting noises?), A MINOR ERUPTION (Billy gets a bugle and Audrey gets a boil) and DRESSING UP (Billy continues his education in the ways of women - according to Alf) being amongst the twelve tracks. So unbutton your cardigans and make room for a laugh!

Disc 1
1. A Little Misunderstanding
2. Sir Billy
3. Balloons & Newts
4. A Minor Eruption
5. Rubbing It In
6. French With Tears
7. Fun In The Tunnel
8. Dressing Up
9. Woman’s Trouble
10. A Present For Audrey
11. Just An Ordinary Alf
12. The Length Of A Piece Of String