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The Bradshaws

Vol 21 - In Their Own Darned Socks CD Album

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Release Date: 20/11/2006

Discs: 1

HTCD21 Billy Bradshaw will go down in history.. he may go down in English and Geography as well! " BH THE BRADSHAWS VOL 21 IN THEIR OWN DARNED SOCKS This is CD number twenty-one in the twenty-five volume collection and it Includes the radio favourites OUT OF TUNE, UPRIGHT & BENDY, and THE LOST CHORD, a fun trilogy of stories about Audrey and Billy Bradshaw's quest for a piano - with a rare song from Alf! Buzz Hawkins tells us that there is good chance of this plot being adapted for the proposed TV animation. Watch this site for details. Some of the other outings on this twelve track album are AWKWARD QUESTIONS, TIGGY OFF THE GROUND, and the festive pair DWARVES & HANGOVERS and REVOLUTIONS. Bazzin' stuff!

Disc 1
1. Out Of Tune
2. Upright & Bendy
3. The Lost Chord
4. Awkward Questions
5. Tiggy Off The Ground
6. The Strains of Tea
7. Bogeys & Custard
8. Nine Into Six Doesn’t Go
9. Wet & Windy
10. Just Horsing About
11. Dwarves & Hangovers
12. Revolutions