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The Bradshaws

Vol 20 - In Their Own Flat Cap CD Album

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Release Date: 20/11/2006

Discs: 1

THE BRADSHAWS VOL 20 IN THEIR OWN FLAT CAP You'll find loads of laughs and talking points on this album. For a start there's some ARTISTIC TEMPERATURE (Alf realises that Audrey and Billy just don't appreciate fine art) and Audrey gets a bit nosey in GLASS ON THE WALL. And there's COCOA DIP & LANRY (with convenience food the way it used to be) and a Christmassy CANTEEN SANTA (Billy meets some of his dad's iffy workmates). Hanty Pamela makes an appearance in THE VISITOR FLEAS (pun intended) so get comfy and put the world away while The Bradshaws put the world to rights!

Disc 1
1. Artistic Temperature
2. Sugar & Spice
3. Only Joking
4. Canteen Santa
5. Apple Pie Custard Tins
6. The Visitor Fleas
7. When You Die & Ghosts
8. Glass On The Wall
9. To Hell With Alf
10. Coca Dip & Lanry
11. A New Leaf
12. A Firm Hand