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Buzz Hawkins

Catchy Choruses And Daft Bits

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Release Date: 25/11/2016

Discs: 1

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1. Cheeerfulness Is Good For Your Hormines
2. Country Billy Gerkin & The Pickle Stabbers
3. A Woman's Work Is Never Dull (prelude to track 4)
4. Audrey's Moment (Bring Me Fetch Me Carry Me)
5. Fairies Don't Take ‘Em Away
6. EeeWellYafToLafAntYer
7. The Pheasant Plucking Song
8. Billy's Bedtiime Witterings
9. Pet Lullaby
10. Fr. Fanakerpan From The Parapet (prelude to track 11)
11. Fr. Fanakerpan's Secret
12. Alf's Bawdy Song
13. The Raji Sing Song
14. Sadie (The Thrutching Song)
15. Alf & Audrey (prelude to track 16)
16. I Got Alf