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The Bradshaws

A Taste Of The Bradshaws CD Album

CD £9.99

Release Date: 18/03/2013

Discs: 1

Which volume of the Bradshaws shall I buy? That's a question I'm often asked - and with 25 to choose from, it's a tough one (cos I like them all!).

So here's the answer:

a special compilation CD "A Taste Of The Bradshaws" containing 16 favourite stories as chosen by Bradshaws fans.

Some people you might know put their vote in too...

Peter Kay chose 'Happy Days'

Eamonn O'Neal & Jimmy Wagg picked 'Audrey Tries Her Luck' & 'Postman's Knock'

Andy Wilkinson chose 'The Tooth Fairy'

Billy Butler went for 'Can I 'Ave A Budgie?'

Bernard Wrigley said 'Empty Bottles'

and little Billy Bradshaw wanted 'No Laughing Matter' (he says: "cos I'm funny in this one!")

The Old Tin Bath
Laying In
Empty Bottles
Bent Cigs & Corn Dog
Happy Days
Can I Have A Budgie?
Coppers & Coke
Audrey Tries Her Luck
Postman's Knock
The Tooth Fairy
Whit Walks
Vimto Lollies
We Know What You're Doing
Cabbage, Ribs & Oil Cloth
No Laughing Matter